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Types of Concrete Finishes

The Different Types of Concrete Finishes

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There are many types of finishes that can add tons of style and personality to your driveway. Building a driveway is a hefty investment, so it’s important you get it done right the first time

Chances are if you own a house, you probably own a driveway, right? That means that you are solely responsible for its maintenance.

If you have a cracked driveway or one that is old and weary, you may need to consider renovating a new driveway.

There are many types of driveway finishes and designs that offer both durability, taste and low-maintenance.

We’re here to share with you the types of finishes and which ones we believe are the best.

1. Resin-Bound

Becoming one of the most popular choices for home owners, they provide a range of different colour options and are water permeable. Although resistant to weathering, this type of driveway can break easily if not built correctly.

2. Indian-Stone

Offers a natural sandstone look that can be enhanced with a range of patterns and colour types. Whilst these types may look strong, continuous wear could result in loose concrete, letting water seep between the cracks.

3. Stone and Gravel

An excellent choice to deter burglars or people wanting to snoop around in the night. This is because walking over the gravel infused driveway is pretty loud. Another advantage is that it is cheaper than other alternatives, however it requires regular maintenance with a top up of rocks and gravel.

4. Block Paved

These look like small concrete blocks that have been welded together. These have one of the best aesthetic appeals, however it can be costly when choosing a more complex pattern or design. The construction of such driveways can potentially attract moss or algae.

5. Asphalt

One of the most common and cheaper options. These driveways look generic, but are smooth and blend in with the road. Because these driveways are simpler, they have a long life-span and are resistant to oils, chemicals and weathering. Although cheaper, they lack in colour choices and design.

6. Cobblestone and Brick

Uncommon type of driveway, and hence it is quite expensive. Specialised people are needed to install the brick and cobblestone hybrid driveway. When wet, it can be very slippery and unsafe.

7. Stamped / Decorative

These are one of the most durable and long-lasting driveways you can buy. Extremely tough and strong, it can hold the weight of heavier cars or mini-trucks, requiring little-to-no maintenance. The main advantage is that this allows you to freely style and design your driveway with patterns and colours, without compromising durability and strength. 

Our Verdict

So there you have it, the 7 main types of driveway finishes that you can get. Yes, there are many others, but they fit into these 7 main categories.

Here’s the main thing you should ask yourself. 

Am I worried more about the design or longevity?

Once you’ve answered this question, you can weigh up the pros and cons of each type of driveway above. 


Considering all factors from our concreting Cairns experts, here’s our top 3 picks. 

  1. Stamped / Decorative [ Outstanding Design and Durability ]
  2. Asphalt [ Simple and Durable ]
  3. Stone and Gravel [ Cheaper Alternative ]

But the final decision is up to you. 

You need to look at your own budget and what you want out of a driveway. 


Are you considering the looks of the driveway? Perhaps wanting one that requires low-maintenance? Or maybe just a cheap and quick alternative? 

Either way, we hope that we’ve helped you on your journey to make that decision. 


Once you have made your decision, the next step is to find the best concrete contractor to do your driveway. We have also compiled 5 tips on finding the best concrete contractor.


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