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Concreting Tools of the Trade

The Tools that every Professional Concreter Use

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There are many types of tools that are used for concreting, you probably know a few, but at Johns Concreting Cairns we are here to share the tools and equipment that you may not know we use. Whether its wheelbarrows, concrete mixers, trowels, shovels or jackhammers which are all common tools perhaps in your own garage or shed.

But what you may not know is that concrete specialists use more than just these tools. So now, let’s look at some of the equipment and tools that the concreting experts use throughout their work.

Concrete Pouring Equipment

Common tools to help pour the concrete include the wheelbarrow, or concrete mixer. But here are some other tools which are also used.

Concrete Vibrator – Shakes the concrete and results in compacted and settled concrete, this also removes air between the gaps of the concrete

Laser Level – Device used to check if the surface is completely flat to ensure the concrete laid is levelled

Plate compactor – Flattens the ground to ensure the poured concrete is levelled

Rakes – Usually used first to move around the laid concrete and pre-level it before it settles


Concrete Finish Tools

Levelling Screed – Helps to really level the top layer of concrete, which is very commonly used in concrete driveway installations to ensure an accurate and flat finish

Groove Cutters – Used to keep the concrete from cracking as it dries

Concrete Float – After the levelling screed has been used, this is the final tool used to level and smoothen the surface of the concrete


Safety Equipment

Making sure that every person on site has proper safety equipment is absolutely crucial. Just as much as the quality of the tools that are used, safety plays an equally important role in the concrete company’s day to day tasks

The most common safety equipment used includes goggles, gloves, kneepads, boots and occasionally ear protection. Depending on the task, more safety equipment could be used to minimise risk and maximise safety.

Tools for Concrete Testing

High quality regarded concrete companies not only pour, lay and settle your driveway, patio or any concrete job. They also perform many tests to ensure that the job is done right and gives the customer reassurance that they’ve been served by a professional. 

These testing tools are utilised with a range of different concreting projects and jobs. Here are some of the most common testing tools that are used:

– Rotary Drill

– Thermo Hygrometer

– Moisture Meter


Concreting and Learning More

Are you interested in learning more in-depth of any equipment, tools or requirements in the concreting trade? Youtube is an excellent place to start. Whether its laying your concrete driveway or new foundations for new builds, you can always find a video for it.

Do you have your own concreting project for your property? If you are requiring any specific information, Johns Concreting Cairns and the team will certainly answer any questions you may have. We specialise in concrete driveways, coloured concrete, patios, alfresco areas, slabs and foundations and pretty much anything that is backed up by our experience and skillset. 

Call us on 0730 500 899 during our business hours for an instant reply, or message us via our contact us page and we’ll get in touch within a few days.

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