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We are absolutely astounded with the end result! Thanks to Michael and John who devoted their own time past their work hours to get the job done!

Joe Collins

Senior JavaScript Engineer

Johns Concreting Cairns is such a professional company. They were very cooperative and friendly to work with. Michael originally gave me a quote in the beginning for the job. We negotiated on the price and I was happy with that. Dave followede through with the quote and gave me the background details of the job. Dave and his team did such an exccellent job. It only took three days to put the reinforccements and pour in the concrete, making a massive difference to my front yard. These people really overdeliver as the work looks outstanding and flawless! Thank you team

Dorothy Walters


Johns Concreting Cairns did such a great job with my new driveway. I finally found a company I could trust after many years as i’ve been ditched in the past. They have a good size team, the right equipment, tools and the knowledge to get the job done in good time and good quality. I was kept up to date as to what they were doing on a particular day. The final result was very good. I highly recommend Johns Concreting Cairns. Thank you to Dave, Michael and John who coordinated the majority of this whole operation!

Lisa Hart


It is very nice to see a company that actually cares for our driveway design. Thanks to John and his team, we are very pleased with the quality, professionalism and knowledge shown by the team members. Everything went smoothly for the most part and definitely recommend Johns Concreting for anyone looking for a concrete driveway in Cairns. Thank you.

Philip Williams

Shop Owner

The best service in Cairns. Johns Concreting is the top brand in Cairns, the driveway was so nicce and smooth that we could land an aeroplane on it! Lovely work, thank you.

Ethan May


Dear, thank you to all the staff team who planned the pouring of concrete in our driveway. The end result was amazing! Thank you for that!

I truly appreciate the dedication and quality of work these guys put out, will definitely recommend to others to go with you. In fact I was actually recommended to you guys from a friend who got their driveway done as well.

Frances Mitchell

Website Developer

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