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Exposed Aggregate Cairns

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One of the most popular materials for driveway finishes is exposed aggregate concrete for its gorgeous and modern appearance. We have a large range of designs, colours and textured aggregate to suit your own taste, your home landscape and design.

Exposed aggregate concrete Cairns highlights the natural texture of different types of materials such as shells, marble, rock and stone. Whether your new required service requires plain, coloured or exposed aggregate concrete, you can be sure that it will stay good looking for years to come. 

If you need professionally done concrete that is long-lasting and cost-effective, Johns Concreting Cairns exposed aggregate concrete will give you these attributes. We are Cairns’s top concreter, our team is highly trained, professional and experienced. We always arrive on site with our best professional clothing, tools, equipment and machinery.

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Our exposed aggregate concrete is the most popular driveway finish in Cairns for its great looks and trendy appearance. We have a large range of designs, colours and textured aggregate to suit your own taste, home landscape and design. 

Exposed Aggregate Concrete

Exposed aggregate concrete is when the outer layer of cement paste is removed to expose the underlying aggregate. This means that concrete can be decorated with any design of coloured pebbles, marbles, stone and more. This makes the decorative aggregate very durable, slip-resistant, weather resistant and skid proof. This means that this type of concrete would best suit patios, driveways and home pathways.


Benefits of Exposed Aggregate Concrete

  • Very durable and has a great look
  • Very little to no maintenance
  • Resistant to extreme heat and resistant to cracking due to extreme cold weather
  • Can resist all the weight of most cars and some trucks
  • Highly customisable with different colours, patterns and textures
  • Highly slip resistant when compared to other concrete types
  • Additional materials are not required as only the top layer is coated with the decorative pattern, making it extremely cost-efficient
  • Wanting your own exposed aggregate concrete done on your property, contact us on 0730500899
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Exposed Aggregate Range

We have a wide range of different exposed aggregate concretes ranging from aurora, to soho, to heritage.

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