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Johns Concreting Cairns is a well known construction company with over 10 years of experience. During our time, we’ve grown our team from one man to a team of experts who’ve been serving Edmonton as one of the best concreters. We have been serving residents of Edmonton, Bentley Park, Bayview Heights, to even far places like Redlynch for many years with full customer satisfaction. We specialise in coloured, exposed aggregate, concrete driveway and concrete slabs

We offer a huge range of products for all your concreting needs. If you’re looking for a Edmonton Concreter that you can trust, let us know! We are focused on quality. When we do a job in Edmonton, you can be assured that we’ll treat your property as if it were our own. 

Our licensed and insurance policy ensures that you and your family and property is safe and that our work is finished to the highest standards. We know that concreting is a heavy investment, whether its a driveway, concreting deck, retaining wall, entertaining area, patio, alfresco area, pergola or landscape design. 

We are your #1 choice for everything concrete. If you need a quality concreter in Edmonton or in the surrounding areas such as Mount Sheridan, Woree or Concreting Gordonvale, our Edmonton concrete experts will ensure that you receive the professional and high quality service that you deserve. 

We deeply understand the stresses you go through when even choosing a concrete contractor in Edmonton.

It is hard to trust a concreting company when you haven’t seen their work before. But you have. You have all our client testimonials that you can find on our page from genuine, satisfied and happy customers. We don’t rush you, but rather we take our time. 

Our team of trades will work together and ensure that your initial project dream will exceed your expectations! If you want the job done right, done once, you should choose Johns Concreting Cairns. Call us on 07 3050 0899 to request a quote, or a planning inspection and we’ll be there in Edmonton when you need us.

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Excellent Reputation

We are reputable for our high quality, reliable and professional service.


High quality and professionally done concrete projects and services,

Fast Turn Around

Our projects are hassle-free and have a guaranteed time frame

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Get competitively on-site quotes before you make your decision

Registered Building Practitioner

Registered concreter in accordancce with Australian Safety Standards

Highly Trained

Our team is highly trained, full of experienced professionals

Reliable and Accountable

We take the guesswork out of buying our concreting services by offering a warranty and insurance policy. This is to make sure that any work done by us, that you and your property are protected. We offer free repairs for any damages which may occur to your concrete throughout the years of its life.

We know Edmonton, and we love helping customers in Edmonton with their concreting

Coloured driveway

Concrete Driveway Edmonton

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Exposed Aggregate Concrete Edmonton

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Concrete Slab and Paving Edmonton

Edmonton Concrete Contractors

We’ve been in business for over 10 years. In this time, we have learnt pretty much everything possible about being the best concreter possible. We stand by our outstanding commitment to a fair price, quality service and customer satisfaction. It is no surprise that we are one of Edmonton’s favourite concreting companies. 

Check out our list of services below we supply to our clients. If you need a Concreter in Edmonton, give Johns Concreting Cairns a call.

Services We Offer

Concrete driveway

Concrete Driveway Edmonton

Johns Cairns Concreters are specialists in the installation and design of coloured, plain and exposed aggregate concrete driveways in Edmonton. We have completed many domestic and residential projects in the city such as driveways, concrete patio, alfresco and concrete slab.

When you are thinking of building a new driveway or just restoring your old one to a new look, we use high quality exposed aggregate concrete in Edmonton that gives that fresh new look to your home. 

When you build a new entertainment area or backyard patio for you and your family, we use durable coloured concrete which makes your home improvement goals come true. 

We take full care in every step of the process. We use premium cement driveway material to ensure that your concrete durability is maxed beyond its natural strength. This is combined with sand, gravel and water in the perfect ratio and balance.

Contact Johns Concreting Cairns today to discuss your very own detailed, and friendly concrete driveways plan. We provide premium quality and professional services that are matched by our competitive pricing.

Concrete driveway

Exposed Aggregate Concrete Edmonton

Concrete driveways are very popular in Edmonton as they are extremely durable, complement your house and are very pleasing to the eye.

At Johns Concreting Cairns, we make sure that any exposed aggregate, coloured concrete or plain will keep its new look for many years to come, regardless of the harsh Australian climate of hot or cold weather, rain or heat. Very little driveway maintenance will make sure that it stays like new.

It is why exposed aggregate concrete in Edmonton is the best option for a stunning design, requiring little to no maintenance, resistant to nearly all weather conditions and harsh environments and extremely durable to stand heavy foot traffic, vehicles and mini trucks. Aggregate concrete also provides very good traction for cars and is a non slip surface.

Our exposed aggregate concrete comes in a range of different colours for domestic homes and residential areas. We take the guesswork out of buying a driveway and make sure that we thoroughly discuss with you the best plan and action.

Your final decision is our final decision, so we make sure we are with you every step of the way from the colour aesthetic, to the material to the building process to even keeping you up to date with the entire build!

Concrete Paved Driveway Cairns

Concrete Paving Edmonton

Our combined high standard of working and low prices makes sure that we are always in demand in Edmonton. We will endeavour to offer you as many quotes for concrete driveways in Edmonton as you would like. 

We want to make sure that you are happy and fully satisfied with your final decision, we leave nothing to hide and show you all the details and processes that we will go though to build your brand new driveway.

We commit ourselves to provide every single customer with premium pattern paving Edmonton, concrete paving, exposed aggregate coloured concrete driveways in Edmonton and more. 

Every service is always in demand because of our professionalism at a cheap price that is very appealing to the eye.

Concrete slab foundation Cairns

Concrete Slabs Edmonton

We are concrete slab contractors Edmonton, providing you with unmatched and premium foundations that will last as long as your house.

Our concrete slabs is from reputable Australian companies such as Boral and Onesteel Reinforcing.

No process is missed, we cure the concrete for many days to ensure that its strength and durability will last you tens of years to come.

Coloured Driveway

Coloured Concrete Edmonton

Coloured Concreting is a simple way to bring a beautifully vibrant or deep colour to your driveway, patio or pool deck. 

Coloured concreting is very durable and often makes your property stand out from the crowd with the glossy colour of the concrete.

Usually darker colours of concrete need to be sealed concrete, otherwise it could lead to cracks or damages later down the line.

Polished Concreting Cairns

Concrete Polishing Edmonton

It’s no secret that your office, driveway or home requires the best looks. What better way to top it off than to get a high-quality polished concrete finish? 

We offer many types of polished surfaces including Stonehenge, Pandomo, Urban Stone and so much more. Come and talk to us to discover our range and what we can do for you. We are able to provide samples of each finish and our previous work to showcase the different finishes.

Our extensive range of decorative concrete finishes are able to be installed not just over concrete, but also over timber or tile flooring. Are you worried about that exposed aggregate finish that might look rigid and bumpy? No worries, we offer a grind and seal and mechanical polish. With this we are able to polish exposed aggregate concrete and thus apply a decorative coating that add both style and personality to your flooring. 

You could get a specialist in just concrete polishing, however we provide an all in one solution, installing or repairing concrete as well as providing you with a quality finish. With Edmonton residents looking for affordable concrete grinding Edmonton services, we are unparalleled in both convenience and cost. 

We know you'll love us.

See what our customers have to say about our professional concreting in Edmonton. The thing we always hear at first is ‘we wish we called you earlier’.  Ready to experience the difference? We can’t wait to show you what Johns Concreting Cairns can do.

We are absolutely astounded with the end result! Thanks to Michael and John who devoted their own time past their work hours to get the job done!

Joe Collins

Senior JavaScript Engineer

Johns Concreting Cairns is such a professional company. They were very cooperative and friendly to work with. Michael originally gave me a quote in the beginning for the job. We negotiated on the price and I was happy with that. Dave followede through with the quote and gave me the background details of the job. Dave and his team did such an exccellent job. It only took three days to put the reinforccements and pour in the concrete, making a massive difference to my front yard. These people really overdeliver as the work looks outstanding and flawless! Thank you team

Dorothy Walters


Johns Concreting Cairns did such a great job with my new driveway. I finally found a company I could trust after many years as i’ve been ditched in the past. They have a good size team, the right equipment, tools and the knowledge to get the job done in good time and good quality. I was kept up to date as to what they were doing on a particular day. The final result was very good. I highly recommend Johns Concreting Cairns. Thank you to Dave, Michael and John who coordinated the majority of this whole operation!

Lisa Hart


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