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Concrete Slabs Cairns

If you are looking for concrete slabs specialist in Cairns, Johns Concreting can do it. Concrete slab often comes in a variety of different forms and can bring great benefits such as heat retention and insulation for your house. 


You housing deserves premium concrete slab services and can be installed in a variety of different ways including suspended or on ground.


Johns Concreting Cairns offers a large selection of residential concrete slabs Cairns. Our material and architecture is built from high-quality products from respectable and reputable suppliers such as Boral and Onesteel Reinforcing.


We know that concreting can be a big investment, so we invest time into you and your decisions. We want you to make the best decisions and we do not rush in drying concrete slabs quickly. We treat it to the best of our ability as if it were our home, otherwise cracks or shrinking may occur. 


Usually slabs are kept moist using hessian or bags in order to ensure the chemical components in the concrete slabs are brushed and sprayed properly to give proper curing. 


Otherwise if curing is not done properly, the concrete is dried out for several days so that the durability, longevity and long-lasting nature of the slabs are increased.

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Concrete Slabs Project Cairns

Installing concrete slabs require us to build in accordance with the Australian Standard AS 2870. So we make sure that the process is done once and done right, slab can cause issues in the long run. So it is important that the right thing is done all the time

We know that building a house or restoring an old house takes time, effort and money. So give us the hard work to Johns Concreting Cairns were we’ll discuss the best quality solutions to meet your own needs.

We sit down with you and come to you in person, providing you with the discussion, consultation, engineering, design, permits and talk you through all the details and discuss what you exactly want in your concrete slabs. You can also contact us on 07 3050 0899 to get started with your construction of concrete foundations today.


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