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Looking for the best concrete driveway contractors in Cairns? Look no further.  We are able to do a range of different driveways to suit your new home needs.

Concrete Driveways Cairns

When choosing the right driveway, it is easy to neglect the outer exterior importance of your house. A driveway which looks spacey and polished is sure to bring more value to your home and give you that new look feeling.

There are a range of options when it comes to choosing concrete driveways. You can choose to use sealed, coloured or exposed aggregate concrete. Whichever you choose, we’re here to make sure you choose the right one with a detailed plan when you call us, meet us and plan with us.

Concrete driveway

Advantages of designing your own concrete driveway

There are but many benefits that a customised and good-looking driveway could do for you and your family. Here are just a few of the reasons why you should consider it:

  1. Impressive looks: The first thing that most people notice when they see your house is the exterior. Whilst others may go with a generic driveway, you can customise your own and stand out from the crowd. When you, your friends or anyone enters your home, the atmosphere and mood comes from the initial first impressions.

  2. Parking space and functionality: By building your own driveway out of the proper materials, your driveway can be very durable, resistant to cars passing over and can be used safely for playing and walking on. A large driveway assists with parking space, but front yard concrete also adds to your landscape.

  3. A valuable asset: Once again, when you go to sell your property, a spruced driveway can bring a higher property value your home. This results in happier clients as they will not need to redesign or rebuild their driveway when it comes to buying your house.

Benefits of concrete driveways

  • Easy to maintain and to clean
  • Long lasting and durable
  • Affordable and cost-effective
  • Customisable and flexible as it is able to blend in nicely with other parts of your home or architecture
  • Environmentally Friendly

Choosing the right driveway

Johns Concrete Driveway Cairns is a concrete driveway specialist in both design and structural durability for the residents of Cairns. We provide many high quality concrete and exposed aggregate driveway solutions. Here are the three main materials you can make your very own personal driveway out of:
Exposed aggregate driveway: This type of concrete has a modern, fancy and premium look as it showcases the beauty of various textures such as crushed stone, marble and shells.  This type of driveway is very popular and affordable.
Coloured concrete driveway: Coloured concrete is very flexible as it can come in a variety of different colours, from pink, to calm blue to alerting red, we’ve got your favourite colours to make it your favourite driveway. This type of concrete is very durable compared to other concrete, it is very weather resistant, wear and tear resistant and lasts for a long time
Plain concrete driveway: The most affordable choice, plain concrete is not boring as people may think. Plain and simple is one of the best ways to give you that fresh front yard feeling. Plain concrete contrasts very well with most front yards as the luscious green grass will contrast with the dark grey concrete.
You can also make your driveway out of many other materials such as concrete slabs, concrete foundations and pave cut, each of them have their own personal flare. At Johns Concreting Cairns, we are here to assist you with making your decisions in the best value, best look and best feel for you.
Our professional concrete contractor in Cairns provide reliable and friendly workmanship with a premium service and finish in every job. To get your very own low maintenance, highly customised and good-looking concrete driveway Cairns, call us on 07 3050 0899 today.

Concrete Driveways Frequently Asked Questions

After reading this page, you more than likely have quite a few questions in building your own concrete driveway in Cairns. We want to make sure you have as much information as possible to make your final decisions. After all, a driveway is one of the most valuable assets to your home and a big investment. You want to make sure that you are going with the right Cairns concrete company, and you most certainly encountered one.

How much does a new one cost?

Obviously this is one of the first questions that come into your mind when it comes to choosing a concreter in Cairns. So one of the best questions to ask first to any concreting company is how much it will cost to build. At Johns Concreting Cairns we offer free quotes with no obligation to give you a rough estimate on the total costs of the project. You can give us a call, or fill out our form and we’ll get back to you.



How long does it take to build?

Time for completion depends on many factors, including how big the driveway will be, the number of team members available, the materials available at the time and many other factors which could influence the delivery. When you work with us, it is a great opportunity to communicate with us about your temporary parking needs as part of your front yard will be unusable until the job is completed. It is a really good idea to ask us an estimate of the time it will take to build your concrete driveway in Cairns so you can adjust your schedule and plans during that time.


Do I need a domestic building contract?

It depends on the value of the build. There are many rules and regulations, with the most common one being the domestic building contract. This means that any work on your property which exceeds $5,000 will need this document. Whilst other concreters in Cairns do not have a registered building practitioner, we do. This means that our team will make sure that all the legal obligations are complete and satisfied under the domestic building contract.



How do I maintain my concrete driveway in Cairns

To ensure that your driveway doesn’t lose its looks, durability and condition throughout the years of its life, it is best to clean your driveway with a hose every so often. Regular maintenance can clear debris and stains and stop them from degrading and breaking down your concrete. In this way there is no need for sealed concrete driveways as regular maintenance can keep the overall costs down. Even sealed driveways can’t keep all the debris out, so regular maintenance is key to avoiding the risk of damage.



Does a concrete driveway increase the value of my home?

It definitely does, statistics show that adding a driveway can increase the value of your home by up to 10%. The investment in a concrete driveway can boost the beauty, vanity and overall looks of your home.



Is Johns Concreting Cairns an experienced concrete contractor?

With over 10 years of experience in the construction industry, we’ve been installing concrete driveways for years. Our premium concrete services ensure that your concrete driveway in Cairns will be built to the highest standard and will be affordable.



Why people go with Johns Concreting Cairns?

  • Modern and custom designed concrete
  • High quality and professional
  • Insured and licensed concreter
  • Affordable pricing
  • Registered Building Practitioner
  • Over 10 years of concreting experience

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