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Coloured Concrete Cairns

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Coloured Concrete Cairns

Coloured concrete as its name suggests comes in a variety of different colours. Because of its simplicity in its design, it is very durable. At Johns Concreting Cairns, we combine the coloured oxide initially into the concrete before we settle it into the ground. 

This makes sure that the colour is evenly distributed and a vibrant and glossy colour will be seen. Getting sealed concrete in Cairns for darker colours is highly recommended as cement can often break with the chemicals used for darker colouring.

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Why you would get Coloured Concrete in Cairns

Coloured concrete can be in a variety of different colours, its simple design makes it durable and therefore making it last longer than typical customised concrete. The natural vibrancy from most colours provide a simple, yet pleasing masterpiece to most homeowners. Typically coloured concrete can be used to blend in or contrast with the property surroundings to make the exterior of the housing stand out more. Our most popular colours are terracotta and brown, these stained concrete colours penetrate and rise to the top of the concrete layer making for a lovely and deep finish. 

Coloured concrete is cheap amongst other things, for providing such a simple yet beautiful design makes it easy to contrast colours on footpaths, patio, flooring, driveways, pool decks and more to give your house exterior a beautiful finish. Here at Johns Concreting Cairns, we mix coloured oxide before the concrete is laid. We then mix the chemicals so that an evenly distribution of colour is enriched throughout your application. 

Coloured Concrete Applications

  • Driveway colours, patio area, concrete slab
  • Pool decks
  • Backyard alfresco area and any domestic and residential concrete uses

Benefits of Coloured Concrete

  • Many different colours available to suit your personal taste
  • Applicable to many different surfaces to add nice finishing techniques and effects
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Able to mix and match different colours for different applications to complement your home design
  • Coloured concrete has a good solar reflectivity index, meaning it helps reduce the carbon footprint of your house 
  • Able to withstand heavy load from traffic, cars, mini trucks
  • Extremely resistant to weathering from hot weather, wind, rain damage and extreme cold

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Coloured Concrete Cairns Range

Coloured Concrete Range

We have a wide range of different coloured concretes available for you to choose from. We have an extraordinary list and can pretty much do any colour you so wish, above is a list of our most popular colours that people choose.

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